Abu Dhabi, May 03, 2023: The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) conducted 91,924 laboratory tests in Abu Dhabi, including for food, liquids, water, medicines, medical equipment, building and construction materials, environment, agricultural products etc. in the first quarter of 2023.

The data was announced at the release of the performance indicators of the Council’s Central Testing Laboratory. In the case of food and liquids, the laboratory carried out 19,917 tests, while 55,544 laboratory tests were conducted for water, 10,286 for environment, 3,291 for building and construction materials, 1,910 for motor oils, 720 for agricultural crops, and 51 for medicines and medical equipment.

Laboratory tests for water had the largest share overall at 60.4%, followed by food and liquids at  21.6%,  environment by 11.2%, while the rest of the tests accounted for building and construction materials, transformer oils, agriculture, cosmetics, medicines and medical equipment.

His Excellency Eng. Abdullah Hassan Al Maeeni, Executive Director of the Central Testing Laboratory sector, said that QCC strives to meet market needs of government and private agencies by providing quality infrastructure services, and ensuring consumer safety in Abu Dhabi. This in turn enhances the quality of the national industry and local products, leading to achieving regional leadership and better integration with the global economy.

He said that laboratory testing of products is one of the important mandates of the Council which helps meet the needs of its strategic government and private sector partners. The Central Testing Laboratory since 1981 has been providing testing services across product segments, as well as value-added services which include technical consultations, specialized technical training, certificates of conformity and applied scientific research.

In the first quarter of the year, the laboratory implemented two specialized training programs and provided five technical consultations, in addition to evaluating product labels of about 698 commodities and verifying the net weight of 111 products.

Coinciding with the UAE Innovation Month in February, QCC also won the gold award at the Stevie Awards Middle East and North Africa for of innovative achievement in growth. The award endorsed the success and excellence of the Council in delegating laboratory testing services to local private companies, thereby strengthening strategic partnership between the Council and the private sector for sustainability, quality and to reduce the cost of services in Abu Dhabi.


Update On7 Feb 2022
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