Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, April 20, 2021: Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) today announced its 2021 first quarter achievements in ensuring quality and conformity of products and services of both private and public sector entities in Abu Dhabi.


His Excellency Dr. Hilal Al Kaabi, Secretary General of QCC said the Council has been able to ensure the highest levels of quality and conformity through enhanced and strategic cooperation with both public and private sectors, and building a system of joint cooperation with these partners.

“The Council has come a long way in implementing sustainable quality strategies in Abu Dhabi, and we now see clearly our fingerprints in several vital sectors, contributing to reducing the operational cost and time across industries and enhancing their global competitiveness,” he said.

In addition, the Council’s central role in monitoring the quality of products in the market in a transparent manner while ensuring commercial justice, and its comprehensive standards programme to raise efficiency of workers and institutions continues to  support Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 in building a knowledge-based economy,” Mr. Al Kaabi said.

“We continue supporting our business partners providing services that enhance the overall quality across vital industry sectors in Abu Dhabi, and our 2021 first quarter results is a tangible testimony to these achievements,” Mr. Al Kaabi said, adding that QCC’s services have also helped food security and product safety, enhanced consumer protection and fair market operations.

Under conformity and specification services, the Council received three requests for the issuance of standards and technical documents, 43 new product conformity certificate requests, 18 for product conformity certificate renewals, seven for license and Trust mark and 30 requests for license renewals and Trust mark. In addition, there were nine requests for product registration certificate, 2,243 for personnel services conformity certificate renewals and 1,134 individual services conformity certificate requests.

During the first quarter of the year, the Council’ Central Testing Laboratory conducted over 47,689 laboratory tests, which endorsed the commitment of the laboratories  to ensure and maintain the quality of products offered in the market, as well as the materials and devices used in various sectors. These lab tests included 9,763 food and beverages products’ tests, 34,512 tests to ensure water quality, 139 on pharmaceutical and medical devices, 1,130 tests across building and construction materials, 432 for transformer oils, 1,672 environmental tests, and 18 agricultural and 21 cosmetics tests.

The Market and Consumer Services Sector of the Council conducted field visits across markets and commercial centers to ensure products’ safety and correctness of legal measurement scales used in Abu Dhabi to protect consumer rights. The council inspected 16,492 products, verified 3,028 measurement tools and verified 85 pre-packages with 2,610 samples. The Council also ordered to recall six products from the market numbering 277 items, and sent directives to rectify another six products.

The Emirates Metrology Institute of the Council provided a host of services to partners during the 2021 first quarter, supporting government and private entities implement the best-in-class measurement standards. It issued 95 calibration certificates, provided two consulting services, 16 inter-laboratory comparison services and two training programs.


Update On7 Feb 2022
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