Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs)

According to ISO/IEC 17000, Conformity Assessment is defined as "demonstration that specified requirements relating to a product, process, system, person or body are fulfilled".

Conformity assessment bodies (CABs) are the bodies performing conformity assessment, which includes testing laboratories, calibration laboratories, medical laboratories, inspection bodies, and certification bodies.

Conformity Assessment Bodies Services Department (CABS), aims to makes sure that Abu Dhabi CABs are meeting the mandatory requirements as issued by the regulatory bodies. In addition to that, CABS conducting developing programs, such as training and proficiency testing programs (PTPs) to enable Abu Dhabi CABs to be nationally and internationally recognized, which is finally, facilitate the trade between Abu Dhabi and other countries and increase the confidence in the services provided by the CABs working in Abu Dhabi.


QCC documents related to CABS:

  1. Quality Control of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.
  2. Quality Control of Inspection and Certification Bodies.
  3. Quality Control of Medical Laboratories.
  4. Quality Control of Proficiency Testing Providers.
  5. Quality Control of Reference Laboratories.


Conformity assessment bodies working in Abu Dhabi and their accredited scope of work: 

  • Testing, calibration, inspection and certification.
  • Medical laboratories.
  • Veterinary laboratories.
  • Assessment centres for Personnel Certification Schemes.


Proficiency Testing Programs provided by QCC:

  • PT plan.

QCC documents related to CABS:

Quality Control of Testing and Calibration Laboratories
Quality Control of Inspection and Certification Bodies
Quality Control of Medical Laboratories
Quality Control of Proficiency Testing Providers

Abu Dhabi CABs, and their scope of accreditation:

Testing, Calibration, inspection, and certification
Medical Laboratories
Veterinary Laboratories
Assessment for personal certifications schemes

Designated CABs:

List of Designated CABS and their scope for Abu Dhabi governmental bodies
Full list of designated services in all labs
List of designated Water Testing laboratories based on the requirements of Department Urban planning and Municipalities

Proficiency Testing Programs (PTP) and Inter laboratory comparisons (ILC) provided by QCC:

PT Plan
PLC Plan
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