Abu Dhabi, April 01, 2021: The Standards Services Department of the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) held a partner awareness workshop for 80 employees from Abu Dhabi government entities and key regulatory bodies on the procedures of the application and issuance of technical documents.

QCC in a statement said that the participants at the workshop included employees from Abu Dhabi Municipality, Etihad Rail, the Department of Economic Development and the Competitiveness Office of Abu Dhabi, among others. The workshop offered an opportunity for the Council to update partners on the legal and regulatory infrastructure followed in Abu Dhabi, and the procedures of the Council in processing applications and harmonizing it with relevant laws of the Emirate.

Mr. Saif Al-Bakri, Director of the Standards Services Department of QCC, said: “We were keen to hold this workshop to raise the awareness of our partners spanning government and regulatory entities as well as  the private sector on relevant laws, procedures and standards in Abu Dhabi that govern the Council’s service of issuance of technical documents.”

He said the Council issues technical documents in coordination with concerned authorities in Abu Dhabi to ensure that these documents were in line with the overall objective of raising the level of adherence to mandatory norms of quality and conformity of products and services, simultaneously ensuring that it meets the needs of the partners as well.

During the workshop, the Council’s database on technical documents on its website was also reviewed, including the guidelines on the service infrastructure specifications relevant to Abu Dhabi, approved by the Executive Council as early as in 2017.

On harmonising the technical documents with the Abu Dhabi stipulations, Mr. Al-Bakri said: “The department’s procedure for developing and harmonising technical documents has been approved by the concerned local authorities through the Permanent Technical Committee for Abu Dhabi Technical Standards, comprising 22 member entities. Additionally, an external evaluation team representing the regulatory authorities concerned with the five key development pillars - the economic, social, environmental, security and public health – also reviews it.

These review and approval mechanisms help process requests for projects of harmonization of technical documents and conformity programs in line with the approved standards, and also helps prepare an annual roadmap on evaluation requirements, which in turn gets approved by the Permanent Technical Committee for Abu Dhabi Technical Standards. Mr. Al-Bakri said these processes also contributes to the overall governance standards of Abu Dhabi and fulfill the interests of the partners.

He said the process of developing and harmonizing technical documents is carried out by forming working groups comprising experts in specific fields. “It is also very important that we work closely with our partners to improve the standards of quality and conformity services standards, which in turn will support quality policy infrastructure and business sustainability serving the goals envisaged in Abu Dhabi Vision 2030,” Mr. Al-Bakri added.



Update On7 Feb 2022
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