ABU DHABI, 20th October: The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) held a meeting of the Permanent Technical Committee for Abu Dhabi Technical Standards for the third quarter of 2021, chaired by His Excellency Eng. Abdullah Hassan Al-Maaini, Acting Executive Director of the Conformity and Standardization Sector, and Chairman of the Committee.


The meeting held in the presence of representatives from relevant public authorities, private sector and academia discussed new technical guidelines, apart from reviewing the state of the development of the 2021 projects. The Committee has 36 members representing 22 parties.
"The Council’s unified approval framework and specifications has transformed development of projects and has helped us provide services benchmarked to global standards, leading to enhanced happiness and satisfaction of customers," Colonel Hamdan Al Rashidi, Director of Quality and Excellence Department, Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, said, adding that the meeting provided an opportunity for integrative development of norms to provide best-in-class services.

During the meeting, approval was sought for a draft guide on public health pest control services. The guide was developed based on a request from the Abu Dhabi Center for Waste Management - Tadweer. The guide has drawn up classification of pest control companies and their activities and a list of pests that harm public health to identify the best control and inspection processes.
 “The Council’s contribution to a work methodology has strengthened the procedures for reviewing specifications and the development of frameworks that has enabled government agencies to agree on an implementation mechanism. This has helped create mechanisms for developing further procedures and systems and to view and discuss all the specifications and conformity programs that have been developed,” said Dr. Nasra Al Dhaheri, Director of the Design Department, Musanada.
Ali Malek, Principal Researcher, Competitiveness Development, Abu Dhabi Competitiveness Office at the Department of Economic Development said that Committee’s meetings helped set up a governance framework for developing technical standards and guidelines in Abu Dhabi, with contribution from a joint committee of regulatory bodies, private sector and the academia.
“The meetings gave us an opportunity to help create a balance between the standards’ processes and enhancing the competitiveness of the Emirate.  We do look forward further to the evaluation of   the Compliance Foundations and Principles Project for the current projects, implemented by the Council in cooperation with its business partners and relevant authorities, apart from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development,” he added.

At the meeting, a submission of guidelines for infrastructure for the collection and transportation of municipal solid waste was also made. The guide aims to develop an integrated management strategy for the waste transportation and sustainable collection practices, apart from monitoring, recording and control mechanisms, waste treatment and safe environmental disposal at approved facilities in Abu Dhabi.
"Our participation helped complete the development of specifications and manuals that have great impact on local projects. The meeting was a platform that brought together all concerned parties under one umbrella to effectively discuss specification projects in a positive manner. It also helped enhanced communication with other bodies, exchange of experiences and knowledge, enabling integrated development of specifications,” said Engineer Mohamed Al Marzouqi, Director of Public Health Pest Control Projects Department, Abu Dhabi Center for Waste Management.
Saif Al Bakri, Director of Standards Services Department, QCC said the main objective of the meeting was to discuss and approve the technical documents submitted by the authorities in order to develop the quality infrastructure of Abu Dhabi, apart from unifying the efforts of participating government agencies  as one team. 

“Such unified endeavors help develop conformity programs and technical specifications in line with global standards contributing to enhancing the competitiveness of the emirate. Today, we have achieved advanced intellectual reputation in infrastructure development through constructive cooperation of the members of the committee,” he said.
The meeting also took up the approval of the `Abu Dhabi Technical Report for the Prevention of Child Injuries - Phase II,’ based on a request from the Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health. The report is a continuation of the first phase report issued in 2018 which looked at a number of common locations where children were prone to injury, such as public roads, schools, nurseries, homes with recommendations to reduce such risks. The Phase II report adds more locations after studying injuries of children in shopping centers, hotels, public beaches, and other public places, with the aim of developing measures to address such issues as well as draw up legislation, specifications, awareness endeavors, and to identify relevant agencies to implement proposed procedures and recommendations.

The committee also reviewed several accreditation offers. These included projects to update the engineering and pavement design guide for roads, guideline for feasibility studies for road transport, Abu Dhabi guide for traffic diversions for the year 2014 and a draft guide to increase physical activity facilities in the Emirate



Update On7 Feb 2022
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