Abu Dhabi, June 13, 2022: The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) said that it has approved various recommendations of the Permanent Technical Committee for Abu Dhabi Technical Standards, following which new administrative decisions and technical use and practices guidelines for the emirate were issued in the first quarter of the year.

Eight guidelines on technical practices were issued at the meeting chaired by His Excellency Eng. Abdullah Hassan Al-Maaini, Executive Director of the Central Testing Laboratory Sector, and held in the presence of the head of the committee, members representing the government and private sector and academic experts. The committee has 36 members representing22 entities.

The guidelines approved for issuance included the Abu Dhabi guideline for the safe use of bicycles, electric bikes and scooters, updated norms for standard graphics and the third edition of the guideline for food traded in educational institutions. In addition, the committee also approved guidelines for the engineering design of roads and health control in buildings and public utilities. It also adopted an initiative to support productive families, as well as updated guides for rainwater drainage and technical norms for speed management.

H.E Al-Maaini said following the approval and adoption of the guidelines, relevant administrative orders to implement the new norms were also issued, reinforcing QCC’s resolve to safeguard public health and ensure safety and quality in technical practices.

He said that QCC in cooperation with relevant authorities of the emirate periodically reviews various approved specifications and guidelines to ensure its optimal application, in addition to developing corresponding conformity programs for products and individuals, in turn empowering regulatory bodies and enabling the industrial sector to improve quality of products and increase productivity and workforce efficiency.

He stressed the Council's keenness to develop new specifications in cooperation with the relevant authorities in Abu Dhabi and to seek their adoption at the UAE federal level, leading to harmony and consistency in specifications applicable to all private and public entities, as well as to ensure accuracy of information and highlight relevant global norms.

H.E Al-Maaini affirmed QCC’s keenness to actively contribute to the development of Emirati standards in coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology and to make these specifications a key reference point for all concerned parties. This will lead to improving the quality of services and products in Abu Dhabi and save time and effort for studying conformity strategies. It will also support the industrial private sector since they will be part of the working groups of technical experts whereby they can forward their opinions and requirements when building technical documents.

During its meetings, the Committee also reviewed QCC’s current projects to harmonize specifications and conformity programs for 2022.


Update On7 Feb 2022
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