Abu Dhabi, February 05, 2023: The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (ADQCC) recorded positive performance indicators during the past year, 2023. These indicators reflect the council's commitment to developing the quality control infrastructure in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, supporting the growth of vital sectors and enhancing competitiveness.

On this occasion, Abdullah Al Yazidi, Executive Director of the Strategic Affairs Sector at the council, stated: "In 2023, the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council achieved high performance in terms of its strategic and operational indicators, reflecting the council's commitment to its vision and mission to develop and strengthen the quality infrastructure in the Emirate."

Al Yazidi added: "The council aims to support the growth of vital sectors and enhance competitiveness, playing a pivotal role in achieving quality and safety standards in the areas covered by the council's services. This includes periodic inspections of markets and products to ensure their quality, safety, and compliance with local and international standards. Additionally, the council plays a key role in preparing technical and professional manuals and requirements."

He highlighted that the Conformity and Standards Services Sector issued 30 new technical documents in the past year, encompassing 16,473 certificates of conformity for Personnel Services and 445 certificates of conformity for goods. Furthermore, the Council's Central Testing Laboratory conducted 497 thousand laboratory tests on various products and materials.

He emphasized that in 2023, the Market & Consumer Services Sector conducted inspections on 95 thousand products at markets and sale points. Out of these, 2,303 goods, representing 34 non-conforming products, were withdrawn throughout the Emirate. Additionally, 7,364 goods were inspected through electronic platforms.

The Market & Consumer Services Sector detailed list of the most important achievements and activities of the past year included verifying 14,564 legal measurement tools to ensure the credibility of measurement results and enhance consumer confidence in the fairness and integrity of markets in the Emirate, where the compliance rate reached 99% on these tools.

The percentage of compliance of pre-filled products with mandatory requirements and stipulations reached 98% after verifying 56,062 products, which represents approximately 1,741 products in the markets, major suppliers, and factories. Meanwhile, the total conformity of controlled products reached 90% after the inspection of 85,630 products.

In the field of scientific and industrial metrology, the Emirates Metrology Institute issued 566 calibration certificates and conducted 106 standard and inter-comparisons. The institute also implemented 14 training programs and provided consulting services, including issuing 24 advisory reports.

The Executive Director of the Strategic Affairs Sector at the council stated, "One of the crucial strategic projects of the council involves partnerships with the private sector, including the strategic collaboration with G42 Healthcare company across various fields. In cooperation with the company, the council successfully concluded the pilot operation of the monitoring and reference analysis laboratory 'Rasid,' deemed as one of the information and resource centers for investigating and early detecting potential risks."

It is a unique strategic project at the regional and international levels, as it provides early warning by subjecting the results of the tests to advanced data analysis based on forecasting models and artificial intelligence to combat any emerging threat in the security, health, and environmental fields," he added.

He highlighted that the council signed a number of memoranda of understanding and agreements with strategic partners from the government and private sectors. Additionally, the council participated in several exhibitions, conferences, and local and international meetings, and adopted a number of technical and professional manuals and requirements.

"We, at the council, are committed to ensuring the standards of quality infrastructure through the preparation of evidence and supporting requirements for legislative and regulatory authorities. We are dedicated to our role in ensuring the safety of products traded in the markets of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through monitoring and ensuring compliance with standards and technical regulations. We are working hard to enhance quality and conformity in the Emirate and enhance consumer satisfaction," Mr. Yazidi said.



Update On7 Feb 2022
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