Abu Dhabi government strives to ensure fair trade in Abu Dhabi for imported and exported goods that are subjected to surveillance in cooperation with the relevant authorities in the Emirate.
To empower the council to carry out its role in the product surveillance process, QCC has established the Market and Consumer Services Sector, which monitors Abu Dhabi's markets effectively to ensure products' safety and that the markets are free from any products that might cause a risk to health and safety of consumers.

Since its establishment, the Market & Consumer Services Sector has carried out surveillance and inspection tasks for non-food consume procedures, to achieve its strategic goal of making "Abu Dhabi's markets more safe and fair" by ensuring the conformity of the controlled products to the safety requirements, preventing the distribution of recalled goods, enhancing products safety, ensuring the efficiency and the effectiveness of markets surveillance procedures and building a database for injuries and accidents resulting from non-conforming products, according to the international best practices.

To enforce relevant laws and legislations, the CMS is also responsible for implementing legal metrology verifications that aim to ensure the validity and accuracy of the legal measuring instruments readings which are used in the markets and those that affect the consumers and environment safety and health.

The CMS is also tasked with legal verification of quantities of prepackaged products to protect consumers' and traders' rights, enhance the trust in local markets, and to protect and support Abu Dhabi's economy.

Market Surveillance: 

Surveillance of products in the markets to ensure their conformity to relevant standards and technical regulations. The surveillance process also includes testing of collected product samples in accredited labs.
Managing product recall operations from markets and distributing warnings to ensure its effective implementation in the Emirate's markets. 
Follow up on reports received through Abu Dhabi government contact center. 
To report violating products, please contact the following number: 800555.
Spreading awareness among consumers to minimize the use and consumption of non-conformed products to standards and technical regulations through available media and advertising channels (i.e. electronic websites, booklets, participation in relevant conferences, and seminars).
Performing inspections for products subjected to monitoring to ensure their conformity with requirements of relevant standards and technical regulations.
Carrying out, sudden or planned general and specialized campaigns, as per the requirements of concerned departments in QCC or other relevant bodies.
Monitoring the market to ensure the effective implementation of product recalls ensuring that markets are free from recalled products.
Taking the suitable procedures in case of nonconformity with relevant standards and technical regulations.

Legal metrology (Verifying of legal measuring instruments service and verifying of prepackaged products)

Carrying out the verification of legal measuring instruments which are used and circulated in the markets, in addition to monitoring the conformity of pre-packaged products quantities presented in markets, factories and importers, to ensure their conformity with its relevant requirements.
Adopt verification procedures to verify legal measuring instruments and prepackaged products to ensure its compliance with relevant technical regulations and legislation and ensuring its continual conformity.
Raising consumers and relevant bodies' awareness on legal metrology services and Labels.
Building legal measuring instruments and prepackaged product verifications’ capacities that should be implemented in the Emirate's markets.
Planning and implementing of new projects for verifying of legal measuring instruments, services, and pre-packaged products as per relevant legislations and regulations.
Adopt annual plans for collecting legal measuring instruments and prepackaged product samples from Abu Dhabi’s markets, supervising its implementation, and taking suitable measures for non-conforming cases.
Supervising the implementation of the National Metrology System in the Emirate, related to the legal measuring instruments, and participating in preparing UAE’s metrology legislations and reviewing it with the regulatory bodies.
Cooperating and coordinating with relevant Legal metrology Bodies to empower them and increase their efficiency in this field.
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