ABU DHABI, November 21, 2021: The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) announced that it has issued 1,237 conformity certificates to public health pest control professionals in Abu Dhabi, under its mandate to develop and implement conformity programs.

The certificates were issued to four categories of public health pest control professionals – directors, supervisors, supervisor generals and pest control technicians - since the launch of the program in 2018.

“These conformity certificates have been issued in accordance with the approved professional standards which were developed by a working group led by the Abu Dhabi Center for Waste Management, Tadweer, in cooperation with relevant authorities,” said Eng. Abdullah Hassan Al-Maaini, Executive Director of the Central Testing Laboratory of QCC, and the Acting Executive Director of the Conformity and Specification Services Sector.

Al-Maaini said the conformity program’s criteria have been drawn up based on its impact in raising the quality of services provided in the sector, and how it would ensure the efficiency of professionals, in compliance with the mandated technical requirements in Abu Dhabi. These mandates cover capabilities and skills required for people working in the public health pest control sector benchmarked to the highest standards. Quality, safety and knowledge are necessary for professionals in this sector, he added.
The program aims to enhance the capabilities and competencies of professionals and help protect society from wrong pest control practices, as well as employment of unqualified workers, by ensuring only those who are certified can provide services. It is also vital that workers in the sector are provided with the necessary expertise in using pesticides in designated public and common areas and best practices to ensure community health and safety, Al-Maaini said.

The QCC conformity program for pest control workers are executed in four stages starting with an assessment of their knowledge, abilities and skills through a theoretical and practical test. Licensing authorities check if employees fulfill these requirements and issue them certificates of conformity, and in the next step, their performance is monitored through both random and scheduled inspections.
Engineer Mohamed Mahmoud Al Marzouqi, Director of Public Health Pest Control Projects Department at Tadweer said the conformity program has been instrumental in raising the level of service and in enhancing the sector’s overall efficacy with the support and integrated contribution of public and private sectors in Abu Dhabi.



Update On7 Feb 2022
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