Abu Dhabi, October11, 2022: The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) today said it has issued 1,828 certificates of conformity to individual workers in the public health and general pest control sector across designations such as managers, supervisors and technicians.

Under the matching program, certificates issued to managers, supervisors and technicians

The program of conformity for individual workers in the public health pest control was launched in 2018, QCC said in a statement.

His Excellency Badr Khamis Al-Shamili, Executive Director of the Conformity and Standardization Services Sector at the Council, said that the matching program was drawn up in accordance with approved professional standards, developed in cooperation with the regulatory authority, the Abu Dhabi Center for Waste Management (Tadweer), and many related government and private agencies. 

He said the program’s criteria is based on the contributions to raise the quality of services in the sector by ensuring the efficiency of individual workers and their compliance with the technical requirements of Abu Dhabi, as well as on the capabilities required for the job, knowledge, safety and compatible skills of the highest quality standards.

His Excellency said the program’s aim is to enhance the capabilities and competencies of individuals working in the public health pest control services to protect the community from the effects of wrong practices by unqualified workers. This was done by ensuring that workers in the sector meet the approved specifications and standards and adheres to high quality services, regulatory norms, and are in line with the Council's strategy of enhancing cooperation with partners and customers.

 Eng. Mohammed Rashid Suleiman Al-Naqbi, Acting Director of Public Health Pest Control Projects Department, said: “Since its launch, the program has contributed to raising productivity and providing skilled labor in accordance with international standards, as well as in rationalizing the consumption of resources and saving costs, contributing positively to the growth of the national economy.”

 "We continue to redouble our efforts to achieve the strategic objectives in waste management, and to provide services that are in pace with the rapid development of this vital sector, and by enhancing cooperation with the public and private sector partners. The aim is also to increase public awareness on all types of pest prevention standards, as well as to provide specialized labor paving the way for a safe and sustainable environment for future generations,” he said.

The implementation of the Personnel Matching Program in the public health pest control helps support workers in the sector by providing them necessary expertise in the use of pesticides by deploying best practices and effective methods, in turn enhancing the confidence of community members.

The program includes rating the skills of those working in the sector across four stages, beginning with an assessment of their knowledge, capabilities and skills through theoretical and practical tests before issuing the conformity certificate for practicing the pest control profession.  The public health department at the Abu Dhabi Center for Waste Management is the entity for companies applying to obtain a public health pest control license, and in the case of workers, a continuous monitoring process is rolled out in the last phase to ensure that they meet the required standards


Update On7 Feb 2022
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