ABU DHABI, January 6th, 2022: H.E Khalaf Al Mazrouei, Executive Director of the Markets and Consumer Services Sector of the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) said that the Council inspected some 70,000 products on the restricted list during field visits in Abu Dhabi in 2021 to ensure their conformity and compliance to mandatory norms.

QCC has been maintaining continuity in field visits and inspections to make sure that products on the restricted list adhere to safety and quality norms. The inspections also included checking the accuracy of legal measurement tools and quality and quantity of pre-packaged products.

These inspections were carried out regularly to protect consumer rights while ensuring commercial justice to traders in the emirate, and to monitor that the products comply with the relevant legal, technical and the UAE standards’ specifications, he said.

H.E Al Mazrouei said last year QCC conducted more than 11,700 verifications of measurement tools, in addition to the inspection of over 7,170 products sold on online sales platforms.
He said the Markets and Consumer Services Sector also examined approximately 17,800 pre-packaged products at factories and in the markets, spanning some 815 product categories. A total of 35 products were recalled, equivalent to 767 items, while rectifications were done on 25 products equivalent to 7,450 items.

He said that as part of QCC, “the Consumer Services and Markets sector’s field visits and inspections were linked to the strategic objective of being the protectors of product safety and fairness in Abu Dhabi markets.”
The field visits ensure stipulated mandatory requirements and ensure that no recalled products are traded in the market and the products on the restricted list have certificates of conformity and explanatory information.



Update On7 Feb 2022
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