ABU DHABI, July 28,2021: The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) today said it carried out inspection of commercial outlets in Abu Dhabi and checked 20,274 products for conformity, apart from reviewing 2,710 products sold on online platforms in the second quarter of the year.

The inspection campaign by QCC officials of the Market and Consumer Services Sector was aimed at safeguarding consumer rights and ensuring safety of products available in the market. Inspections were also carried out on legal scales and weights and measures used and traded in the emirate to ensure fairness.
Khalaf Al Mazrouei, Executive Director of the Markets and Consumer Services Sector said that achievements in the second quarter included verification of 1,883 legal measurement tools, and 206 product categories spanning 6,590 items. The inspections also led to the recall of 7 products, equivalent to 411 items and rectification of 8 products, equivalent to 1,637 goods.
The field inspections covered 10,050 electronic devices out of which 2,195 products did not conform to mandated specifications. The inspections also included 3,529 children's toys out of which one did not conform to specifications, over 2,673 tobacco and cigarette products with 907 non-conforming, 2,040 vehicle tires out of which 162 did not conform, and 1,982 detergent products with 1,072 non-conforming.
Al Mazrouei said the field visits and inspection of digital market products were done integrating endeavors of government, QCC’s public and private sector partners within their respective scope of specializations. This helped reduce the availability of non-conforming, fraudulent and counterfeit products and ensured that all products available in the market complied with Abu Dhabi specifications.
QCC’s aim was to support sustainable development and enhance Abu Dhabi's reputation as a global economic center by working with the strategic partners, boost confidence in national products and ensure proper quality and conformity systems of highest global standards, Al Mazrouei said.
The inspections also ensured products available in the market comply with the mandatory requirements and made sure that recalled products were not traded. Moreover, it also made sure of obtaining certificates of conformity, display of restricted products, and the availability of explanatory information on products.


Update On7 Feb 2022
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