Abu Dhabi, November 08, 2022: The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) confirmed that cosmetics and personal care products, including shampoos, of one of the world famous brands, recalled from the American markets for cancer-causing risks, is not traded in Abu Dhabi.

Council’s team meets brand agent to ensure that the suspected cancer causing product is not made available in the local markets

In the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had issued a warning against these cosmetics and personal care products containing aerosols because its ingredients included carcinogenic benzene.

Mr. Sultan Al Muhairi, Director of the Business Development and Customer Happiness Department of the Council, said that the Markets and Consumer Services Sector monitors and keeps a keen eye on product recalls in regional and global markets with the help of electronic monitoring platforms so that necessary measures can be taken in cooperation with the local agent of the product to ensure that they are not traded in Abu Dhabi.

He said that immediately after the recall of the product in the US, QCC team held a meeting with the exclusive GCC agent of the company, Unilever Plc, to ensure that the shampoo is not retailed in the emirate across commercial outlets and online platforms.

He said that the exclusive Unilever agent for the shampoo brand addressed this issue with the major online sales platforms to remove the product and asked these entities to warn the UAE customers who may have purchased the recalled products not to use it and to retrieve it from them.

Sultan Al Muhairi  added that QCC constantly keeps up  working on monitoring controlled products to ensure that the market is free of non-conforming products and if found, necessary administrative and legal measures  are taken immediately.
QCC also called on consumers to ensure the correctness of information and news circulated on products trading in the local markets and rely on reliable official sources in this regard, and to refrain from spreading rumors.


Update On7 Feb 2022
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