Conformity and Standardization Services Sector

The Conformity and Standards Services Sector, within Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, facilitates the development of  technical documents which includes technical standards and guidelines,  through active engagement with relevant stakeholders which includes public and private sectors experts as well as experts from academia. The Conformity and Standards Services Sector strives to harmonize existing standards and standards related documents through acting as a neutral facilitator representing the interests of all Abu Dhabi government and industry. The sector also coordinates with Ministry of Industry and Advanced technology for documents aimed to be adopted on federal level.

Emirates Metrology Institute

Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) has established the Emirates Metrology Institute (EMI) to provide an efficient infrastructure for the scientific study of measurement. The strategic objective behind this project is to provide standardized measuring references in the emirate to ensure accuracy in the various measurement tools. This is a main technical requirement of industries, which in addition, helps strengthen competitiveness, promote trust in our economy, and benefit from openness to international markets. The Institute's services were launched in January 2014 operating 10 major metrology laboratories. The facilities include laboratories for: electricity, timing, and frequency, pressure and strength, heat and humidity, dimensions, and mass, volume and flow. In December 2014, following a field assessment carried out by evaluators at the Turkish Institute of Metrology (UME), the board of Directors of ESMA authorized the Emirates Institute of Metrology to carry out the functions of the National Institute of Metrology (NMI). Therefore, the measuring criteria maintained by the Institute have been recognized as national measurement standards.

Central Testing Labs

The Central Testing Laboratory sector was formed in Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council to fulfill market needs of quality infrastructure services and consumers protection assurance in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. In addition to that, this entity promotes national industry, to be a regional pioneer that synergies more effectively with the global economy. Testing services and certification are considered as the most important pillars of the council, as it fulfills the various requirements of the strategic partners such as laboratory testing, technical consultation, specialized technical training, conformity and applied scientific research certifications. There are 165 qualified technicians in central testing laboratories distributed into 3 sites to serve the customers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. They are audited constantly by International approved auditing committees such as ENAS, ILAC, UKAS and IAF.

Consumer and Market Services Sector

In collaboration with the concerned regulators, the Abu Dhabi government seeks for fairer and safer market within the emirate; where the import and export of consumer products are being properly inspected and monitored. The Council has established its Consumer and Market Services Sector (CMS) in order to effectively carry out this obligation. CMS, as such, controls and monitors the markets of the emirate of Abu Dhabi effectively, ensuring product safety and preventing high risk. The Consumers and Markets Services Sector (CMS) has developed a database of reporting injures and incidents caused by products in order to enhance their interaction with consumers. In line with the Council's objectives of applying the highest quality standards in Abu Dhabi Emirate, it urges and encourages consumers to report incidents resulting from non-conforming products, detailing its injuries that may result from such use.
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